The open contest exhibition includes two categories : print and drawing.  
       The contest is open to both Thai and foreign artists.  


  1. Artists may submit works in both categories.
  2. All works should be created from the year of 2010 and must never have received  any previous awards.
  3. All works must be created and signed by the artist him/herself.
  4. For the Print category, all techniques, whether single or multiple utilization, including monoprints and digital prints will be accepted. Prints should be on paper only (no other surface allowed). For the Drawing category, all techniques and combinations, including the following media: charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel, crayon, pen, etc. or mixed techniques  will be accepted.
  5. A size of work on the paper should not less than 40x60 cm. and should not exceed 80 x 120 cm. All works should be encased in tubes and sent by post.     


  1. Artists must submit a CD of the art work. Each artist may submit a maximum of  3 entries per category. Submission must include the details of each art work, name of the artist, name of the work, techniques, year of creating work and size of work.
  2. Submission of the works for the initial screening must be sent in the form of  CD (digital system) in JPEG file. The file size should not more than 3,000x 2,400 pixels, with the delicateness of  150 pixels, 
  3. The period for submission CDs  should be postmarked no earlier than August 1st and no later than August 20th, 2011  by post.
  4. Silpakorn University reserves the right to exclude late entries arriving later than the specified period of submission. Silpakorn University reserves the right to keep all CDs of the artists’works entered for the initial screening and the CDs will not be returned to the artists.  


  1. CDs submitted for the initial screening will not be returned  to the artists.
  2. All award-winning works become part of the collection of Silpakorn University and Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand, except Purchase Prize winning works will be part of the collection of the sponsors.
  3. Silpakorn University retains the right to photograph and print photographs of prize winning works and selected works for use in catalogues, public relations (non-commercial publicity) and for educational purposes only, including the right to post images of the works on any relevant media, inclusive of web-site on a long-term basis.


  1. For overseas residents, Silpakorn University will be responsible for repackaging all the works appropriately in the tubes and returning by post to the artists.
  2. For Thai residents, the contestants can pick up the original works at :
    Art and Culture Office,  L  Floor, Office of the President, Silpakorn University, Thailand  
  3. The university will notify the contestants for the exact period of time available    
    for picking up the works after. The university will not be responsible for any loss    
    or damage to works which are not collected within the notified period of time.
  4. The university will give each contestant a copy of the bilingual exhibition catalogue.